🏌️‍♂️ The Great Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser for the Reed Allen Community Fund 🏌️‍♀️

When the balls drop, excitement rises!

About the Event:

Join us for a thrilling event that combines the suspense of a lottery with the excitement of a golf game. Every golf ball you purchase not only supports the Reed Allen Community Fund but also gives you a chance to win fabulous prizes!

How It Works:

  1. Order Your Golf Balls: Choose from our discounted packages or buy individual balls. Each ball you purchase gets a unique code.
  2. Watch the Drop: On the event day, all the balls are released from a Gorham Fire Department’s ladder truck, high above a target on the ground. As they bounce and scatter, the anticipation builds!
  3. Win Prizes: The closer your ball is to the target, the bigger the prize! Plus, there’s a special prize for the ball that lands the furthest.

Pricing & Packages:

  • Single Shot: 1 ball for $25
  • Five on the Fairway: 5 balls for $100
  • Perfect Ten: 10 balls for $175
  • Corporate/Family Sponsor: 20 balls for $300. Get recognized! Showcase your logo or family name on our website, sales materials, and during the live event.


  1. Hole-in-One Grand Prize: For the ball closest to the target.
  2. Almost There Prize: For the next closest ball.
  3. Go Your Own Way Prize: For the ball that lands the furthest from the target.
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