Our Story

On April 19th 2012 a massive fire started on the second floor of the GHOP building. The fire could have consumed everything and taken the entire structure to the ground but the fire fighters heroically saved the building. 

The day after the fire I thanked Gorham Fire chief Kenny Fickett for saving GHOP. Kenny said to me, “We don’t even know how the building it still standing. BIG JOHN (John Reed) was with you last night.” John was a Gorham Police Officer, a staple in the community, and a close friend of mine. Kenny and I both believed that John’s spirit was watching over GHOP that night.

The same week of the fire I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. Along with the miracle at GHOP I also had a miracle surviving my cancer. So much of it due to the love and support I received from the community and everyone part of the GHOP family. I also could not have survived my cancer if not for the spirit of Dana Allen watching over me. Dana was a Gorham High School graduate and basketball standout who battled cancer and survived for years when doctors said he had months. His spirit and strength were with me.

After the fire and my cancer I wanted to start a foundation in John and Dana’s memory that could provide the love and support that the community provided to me.

Our mission for the Reed-Allen foundation is to give love and support for families in crisis. Hard working families who are trying to provide a roof over their heads and food for their children. The families who may not have the amount of support or love as I did, the ones whose bank wouldn’t be as forgiving as mine was.

The Reed Allen Community Fund was born and with our amazing board members and support from the public we have helped many families in crisis in the community. Whether it is a fire or cancer The Reed Allen Community Fund has provided assistance to those in need.

The love and support we provide wouldn’t be possible without your generosity. It not only helps them financially but also gives families positive energy and courage to persevere. The same positive energy and courage that I felt.

The Reed-Allen foundation is based on honesty, dignity and integrity. Our amazing board members work their tails off to oversee the Foundation, help raise money and resources, and help organize events to keep it all going.  

These board members donate their time and resources so that 100% of all our proceeds go to families in crisis.

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